Miloš Biković | Biography
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Milos Bikovic was born on the 13th of January in 1988 in Belgrade. He is one of the most popular young actors in Serbia and Former Yugoslavia by virtue of the leading role of a footballer in a historical film and TV series «Montevideo: God bless you» and its sequel «See you in Montevideo», which won many awards and smashed the box office record in Serbia and other countries of Former Yugoslavia.


Studied at the Belgrade State Universtity at the faculty of Dramatic Arts. Since 2012 has been teaching acting technique. Made his first appearance as an actor in popular Serbian TV series «Dollars are coming». Now there are over 15 films and TV series in his filmography, many of which are very popular in Serbia: «A white boat», «Storks will be back», «Mincemeat», «Professor Kosta Vujic’s hat», «When love runs late», «A single man in marriage». In February 2015 a new film by the producers of «Montevideo» called «We were the world champions» was released. There Milos played a famous Yugoslavian basketball player, Radomir Saper.


In addition to shooting in films, Bikovic plays at the Belgrade National Theatre. He also appeared in a music video of a famous Serbian singer, which was directed and edited by him.


In Russian cinema Milos first appeared in the «Sunstroke», where he played the alter ego of the main character. After that Milos shooted in a sequel of a dramatic film «Duhless» based on a cognominal bestseller novel written by Sergey Minaev. In «Duhless 2» Bikovic played Roman Belkin, a friend of Max Andreev (Danila Kozlovsky). After the movie was released, Milos became very popular in Russia. The Russian Vogue called the actor a new sex symbol of the Russian cinematograph.


In order to shoot in Russia Milos worked very hard on his knowledge of the languge. And in a short time he improved his Russian. But because of a little accent Russian actors synchronized both of the films.


Bikovic’s popularity is growing every day. Nowadays, he has more than 300 thousand followers in social networks.


Milos Bikovic gained a lot of awards: in 2011 he won the most important prize of the Serbian cinematograph for the best leading role in «Montevideo» at the Nis Film Festival, in 2011 and 2012 – the «Person of the year» according to the Serbian newspaper Hello. Also in 2013 the actor won an honourary Croatian Drama Award «Marul» in the city of Split for his performance in «My son, just walks a little slower». Also Milos got the «Gold Serbian Badge for the contribution to Culture», which was handed to him by the Cultural and Educational Union of Serbia. Also he won an award for «The cultural realization in performances at the Belgrade Drama Theatre in 2014».


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