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Milos Bikovic was born on the 13th of January in 1988 in Belgrade. He is one of the most popular young actors in Serbia and Former Yugoslavia by virtue of the leading role of a footballer in a historical film and TV series «Montevideo: God bless you» and its sequel «See you in Montevideo», which won many awards and smashed the box office record in Serbia and other countries of Former Yugoslavia.

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Studied at the Belgrade State Universtity at the faculty of Dramatic Arts. Since 2012 has been teaching acting technique. Made his first appearance as an actor in popular Serbian TV series «Dollars are coming». Now there are over 15 films and TV series in his filmography, many of which are very popular in Serbia.

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Milos himself is concerned about the role of the man in the modern world. «A philosopher said that archetypical men professions are poet, king, knight, priest. People who are ready to die for their nonpareil. There are no kings or knights any more. My older brother is a church officer and I am an actor, consider that as a poet. We are trying to change the world. Nowadays, people talk to each other with theis eyes glued on their phones. But in theatres and cinemas they watch and listen. It is an opportunity to throw them some questions which will keep them awake at night.

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Lady of the camellias – Armand Duval – Belgrade National Theatre


When the pumpkins blossomed – Ljuba Sretenovic – Belgrade Drama Theatre


Bye, SFRY – Mladen – Studio 212


My son just walks a little slower – Branko – Belgrade Drama Theatre